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Dance is the new Yoga

(Lake Worth Beach, Florida 11.11.21) Author Arielle Star Triana distills the essence of ecstatic dance for a worldwide audience in a newly released book designed for beginners, dancers and instructors. Recently recognized as the first ecstatic dance and somatic movement guidebook, Heal Through Dance breaks barriers by bringing you a new and innovative way for healing the mind-body-emotion connection. Book sales begin November 11, 2021.

Local Palm Beach County resident, Star Triana and her husband Jaime Triana have run a yoga and dance studio in downtown Lake Worth Beach since 2012. Over the past ten years, Star has been teaching classes and creating community. She is now taking her body of work to a worldwide audience with online workshops and trainings that accompany her book.

Heal Through Dance celebrates the power of movement and embraces the physical embodiment of the spirit within. Star masterfully weaves together exercises known to heal trauma with ancient cultural practices.

Discover new and creative ways of using dance to navigate through the obstacles of everyday life. Liberating yourself through movement unlocks the freedom to heal and embrace your authentic self.

Star left a successful corporate career to follow her calling to become a spiritual teacher. She moved to India, where she studied practices for awakening higher consciousness in complete silence for six months. While in India, she discovered the powerful healing potential of ecstatic dance and devoted herself to sharing this knowledge and ability to heal and awaken through dance. 




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“A work of beauty sourced from the stars.”
“The playlists for trance dance, tribal dance and infinity dance are exquisite.”
“The alchemy you create in this work is that of a true healer.”

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