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What to expect
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Learn chakra psychology and embody wisdom and healing techniques that will connect you with your energy centers. 


Receive guided meditations that will get you in touch with your Chakras and help you discover blocks.

Receive guided practices that will help you open, clear and balance your Chakras and learn more about working with your mind-body-energy connection.


We will send you a series of sessions for each Chakra. Your materials come to your email. You can also receive healing sessions and weekly check-in sessions via zoom. See below for package options.

Image by Sharon Pittaway

Heal Your Chakras In this online program.


Each Chakra will have powerful healing sessions that will include:


Chakra Materials

Chakra Psychology

Chakra Guided Meditation

Chakra Guided Practices

Chakra Contemplation

Chakra Journaling 

materials are pre-recorded and sent to your email


Includes all materials.

Basic Program


$222 USD

Premium Program

Includes all materials


all sessions via zoom

3 Healing    Sessions   90 min each

7 weekly checkins 30 min each

$880 USD

all sessions are online


All materials are online

Receive web link 


After your purchase

(sent to your email)

Have your journal and pen nearby for each online class.

You will have access to the materials for 3-months.

Online Chakra Course
self-led home-study
What other's are saying...

Since starting Online Chakra Course I have been able to rmeet someone who is a blessing a my life. I have been able to attract a beautiful partner and I am now in a relationship that is healing and loving.  – Brenda

This work has helped me to connect with my feminine energy and intuition.  It’s helped me heal my Solar Plexus personal power. I think every person can benefit from the Online Chakra Course.  –Leah

For me, it has helped me connect with my inner child and tap back into playfulness. I feel I was able to release blocks from my childhood and I'm feeling more and more like myself.  -Linda


I didn't know how deep and profound the online chakra course was going to be. Now that I have taken it four times, I love it and will continue to take it.  It just keeps going deeper and integrating more each time.  I would recommend this to any women of any age and any ability. I have a hip replacement and I am able to do the practice at my own pace and I find I am able to dance and move more then I ever expected.  -Laney

Connect with your energy and learn how to release blocks from your mental and emotional body. Connect with your Chakras and learn how to heal and balance from within. Enroll in our Online Chakra Course and learn chakra psychology, ancient and modern wisdom, and meditation practices that will connect you with your seven energy centers. If you are taking the Facilitator Training, you can take chakra course before, during or after the online facilitator training.


testimonials from participants


This practice is transformative! It helped me to release a lot of hidden emotions, free my body and deepen my connection with my true self. Dancing in a safe and supportive environment with an amazing group of women is a gift! I am very grateful for this experience!! ~Lauren

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