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EST. 2004

Heal Through Dance is a way for anyone to align with their highest vision and passionate purpose in life while becoming in union or in yoga with themselves, with their friends, family, tribe and with the Universe.
Somatic Embodiment is at the core of this practice and it means getting out of your head and down into your body. Instead of letting your thinking guide you, shift into sensation consciousness and use your body as part of your inner guidance.
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Our healing dance practice allows us to become more aware of oneself and what's around us, and attuning to the natural flow of life while experiencing more grace and ease in our body-mind-emotions
Once you become self-aware and see the dance or story you are in, you can then begin to change it. In the dance, you give past trauma, stress, and tension a place to be expressed and released. So that when you dance, you let go of the old and open up to new ways of being.

We use free-form movement to help us open up to creative ways of moving. This means that you move and dance without choreography or steps to learn or follow. Without choreography, the dancer can find new ways of moving, which translates into new ways of being and thinking in daily life.


Free-form movement is a way for us to become unblocked from patterns and habits in our physical, mental and emotional body. Free-form movement helps the dancer to let go of control and experience states of joy, bliss and ecstasy.

We impart practices and wisdom that you can use in your daily life that will support you to experience a more enlightened embodied lifestyle.