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Arielle Star Triana, Heal Through Dance,

While spending six months in silence, during deep meditation and stillness one day, movement began to awaken at the bottom of my spine. My spine began to move and vibrate until my entire body was vibrating. As I opened my eyes, everything was a blur and I experienced myself and creation around me vibrating in unison and could no longer tell what is me and what is creation. In this awakening, a message was received, as clear as I can hear someone speaking next to me. I heard both male and female voices in harmony and union speak these words: “Ecstatic Dance is the new yoga.”

My first thought was, “What is Ecstatic Dance?”

At the time I was living at an ashram in India, and part of my teacher training was to go into silence without any communication with the outside world, doing yoga and meditation for 17-20 hours per day. During my six months of silence, one day in meditation I received an insight that Ecstatic Dance is the new yoga, however I had no idea what that meant. I could clearly understand “dance” but what was ecstatic dance? My journey to discover, learn and embody Ecstatic Dance led me to channel, align and birth the 44 Key Codes and the journey of Healing Dance as a pathway of self-discovery and conscious awakening.

During my journey, I became self aware of how I wasn’t connected with my body. Through years of meditation, my mind was calm, clear and efficient, however, my body was another story. When I realized I wasn’t in my body, my prayers to the Universe became a single pointed focus. As I placed my hands on my lower belly and stood in the Pacific Ocean, I prayed to the God/Goddess and all that is holy to show me how to gain mastery over my body, energy and my womb.

Arielle Star Triana, Author Heal Through

Following the call to learn, study and embody dance whenever and wherever the Universe guided me, I studied with many and danced with thousands, embodied practices every day until the dance became part of my DNA and cellular memory.

I began to change my patterns, relationships and the entire course of my life. I began to witness mastery in many areas of my life and a synchronization that could only be explained as “Divine.”

I realized that once you become self-aware and see the dance or story you are in, you can then begin to change it. In the dance, you give past trauma, stress, and tension a place to be expressed and released. When you dance, you let go of the old and open up to new ways of being.

My credentials and experience include an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of South Florida and a graduate degree in Nutrition from University of Florida, Kriya Yoga and Meditation teacher, Kundalini Dance and Meditation teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, Ecstatic Dance and Somatic Embodiment Teacher and a Pleiadian Lightworker and Healer.

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