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In-Person Facilitator Training

  • Heal Through Dance® is about creating your own somatic movement practices. Heal Through Dance distills the essence of Arielle Star Triana's teachings for a worldwide audience. Designed for instructors, dancers, and beginners interested in freeform movement. Heal Through Dance celebrates physical embodiment in the context of the sacred feminine.

  • Somatic Embodiment: Somatic Embodiment is at the core of this practice and it means getting out of your head and down into your body. Instead of letting your thinking guide you, shift into sensation consciousness and use your body as part of your inner guidance.
  • Mind-Body-Emotions: Our healing dance practice allows us to become more aware of oneself and what's around us, and attuning to the natural flow of life while experiencing more grace and ease in our body-mind-emotions while connecting us with our intuition.
  • Healing Trauma: Once you become self-aware and see the dance or story you are in, you can then begin to change it. In the dance, you give past trauma, stress, and tension a place to be expressed and released. So that when you dance, you let go of the old and open up to new ways of being.
  • Accessing Bliss: We move and dance without choreography or steps to learn or follow. Free-form movement is a way for us to become unblocked from patterns and habits in our physical, mental and emotional body. Free-form movement helps the dancer to let go of control and experience states of joy, bliss and ecstasy.


  • Welcome to our Heal Through Dance® Somatic Movement and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Training Program which includes: One Week In-Person Training, Seven Online Classes, Online Video Syllabus, One Month Practicum with Mentorship and Certification. 

  • 7-Online Classes: The first part of your training is about Embodiment. Over the course of the 7-online classes you will embody somatic movement, ecstatic breath practices, grounding techniques and energy healing meditations for healing the mind-body-soul connection. Release stress, tension and trauma from the body as you embody these powerful practices for your own healing benefits.
  • One Week In-Person Retreat and Training Immersion. Spend a full week at our training. The first two days will feel like a powerful retreat and the next five days will feel like a facilitator training immersion. During the immersion you will create your own class and begin to practice teach. You must be able to attend all seven days in order to take the training. Retreat is held at JaiStar Studios, Lake Worth Beach, Florida, USA. Our Daily Schedule will be 9am to 7pm each day. We will have a lunch break each day at 1pm.
  • One Month Practicum. Right after the one week training, it is time to practice teaching. Spend one month at home doing your practice teaching sessions. These are informal dance classes. The class can be with one other person. It can be with one of your clients, friends or family members. You can do the class online or in person. 
  • Traveling to the One Week Immersion. The studio is located in Lake Worth Beach, Florida. You can Fly into PBI (Palm Beach International) which is 5minutes from the studio or you can fly into FLL (Fort Lauderdale International airport) which is 45minutes from the studio. We recommend renting an airbnb near the studio or stay at the mango bed and breakfast in Lake Worth Beach, Florida. You can connect with us and we will help coordinate any out-of-town guests who wish to room together.


upcoming dates

MARCH 23-292024

NOV 10-162024

TBA 2025


JaiStar Studios

1205 Lucerne Ave

Lake Worth Beach, Florida

  • Traveling: Fly into PBI (Palm Beach International) 5minutes from the studio or fly into FLL (Fort Lauderdale International airport) 45minutes from the studio.

  • Stay: we recommend renting an airbnb near the studio or stay at the mango bed and breakfast in Lake Worth Florida. If you want to share a room with others, we will do our best to connect with you with other out-of-town participants. 

  • Food: There are lots of restaurants in walking distance to the venue. Lake Worth Beach is a walkable beach town. 

what other's are saying

This journey brought me into my heart and allowed me to the opportunity to gain wisdom and words for what my body was naturally doing. I can't wait to lead more classes! Thank you ~Sammy.

My anxiety went from a 10 to a 2 in my first class and I knew I had to become a teacher and share this with others. ~Jenny

This training validated my feelings about dance and allowed me the opportunity to feel safe to fully be myself. ~Mora

Thank you so much for your wisdom and for sharing generously all of the tools, tips, secrets and music - Oh the music. I am in love with this practice. -Patty

This work helped me to heal blocks in my chakras and how to create boundaries on the physical and emotional levels. I have been wanting to be more present in my body and connect with my intuition. It is finally flowing for me.  -S.J.

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