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Somatic Embodiment

  • Embody The Universal Key-codes of Heal Through Dance and experience somatic movement and healing dance practices in seven workshops.

  • Using somatic movement, breathwork and energetic practices, experience an ecstatic awakening of your highest potential.
  • Bring balance to your nervous system and heal the connection between the mind-body-soul.


Our body holds onto that which we do not express and it becomes suppressed within us. Our body may be holding the trauma, stress and tension we have experienced in our lives. Often times we can not fully express ourselves because we simply need to release the unexpressed (emotions and trauma) from our physical body.



Experience somatic release which is when your body, on its own, begins to release and let go. Learn about somatic release in the first workshop of the series and continue to learn not only physical techniques but also energetic techniques for working with your own body.  



The practices that you learn are empowerment practices that will support you to tap into your authentic self expression. We work on using sound practices to awake speaking our truth and and standing up for ourselves. Deepen your somatic movement practice and access more freedom of self expression and feel good in your body and comfortable in your own skin. 

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  • Weekly Healing Somatic Movement and Chakra Dance Sessions.


  • Each week includes an chakra practices, meditation, and a full dance journey.


  • Each week receive an inspired email with practices you can do at home on your own.

  • Spend 7-weeks in the container of Heal-through-Dance with founder Arielle Star Triana.

  • As you go through the seven-week workshop series, you will experience healing.

The 7-Week Series

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