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Conscious Dance Tuesdays for Women at Ja

The Retreat

Connect Mind-Body-Energy

this is ...

Where the physical meets the spiritual in a conscious dance practice.


In a 2-Day Workshop Experience Dancing Everyday.

Learn Sound and Vocal Techniques to Awaken Your Voice.

Learn Breath-work and Dance that gets you in your body.

When you are in your body you can access your authenticity.

Find your own unique sound and express your voice as you

move your body and your energy, everyone has a sound!

join a tribe of women...


Experience dance as a spiritual practice and sacred ritual

As you are guided through a powerful journey of movement.


Access Your Authentic Voice

Discover Any Blocks for Healing.

Increase Self Confidence & Awareness.

Connect with your Feminine Energy.

Commune with Women & Sisterhood 

Allowing Your Beautiful Heart to Open.

Heal Through Dance and Breathwork.

at the 2-day workshop


Arrive on-time. First we Sage each Goddess as she enters our sacred space and then we sit in a sacred circle.

We offer floor seating in our circles, bring an extra pillow or blanket and yoga mat to make yourself comfortable.


You will be lovingly guided through each session each day. Learning intuitive ways to move your body that will awaken your mind-body-energy. You don't need to know how to dance and there is no choreography to learn.  It is free-form movement, you can't do it wrong.

You will learn healing meditations and visualizations along with breath practices that you will blend with your dance for a powerful experience.

We will sing and do vocal exercises combined with movement and breath that will help us access our authentic voice and release resistance within us.

We will dance to let go, feel free, connect with our wild woman and inner child.  We will dance to connect with our higher selves and soul's path.

Each day you will have a 2hour lunch break, there are many restaurant options in a 2-4block walking radius of the venue: JaiStar Studios in downtown Lake Worth Florida. Located at 105 Lucerne Ave. studio B.

There is plenty of free parking around the studio without time limits.


FIRST DAY: Wear Shades of Cream, White and Light Colors.

SECOND DAY: Wear Shades of Red, Pink, Purple, Gold.


Water Bottle filled with filtered water

Pen, Pencil, Journal

Yoga mat, pillow, blanket

Shawl to cover shoulders

(you will want to take it off when we dance)

We will be taking pictures and videos, you will be asked to sign a waiver for participation.

before you pre-register
As soon as you say YES, the work begins. This is an energetic healing practice that brings up blocks and anything wanting to be healed within us.
Extra Support Is Available!!!
We always suggest getting a private healing session if anything comes up before the workshop. We can help you clear any blocks that may be preventing you from participating!
JaiStar Studios
1205 Lucerne Ave
Lake Worth, FL
during business hours
or email
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